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An advanced electronic signature is more secure than an autograph signature

The law of the Advanced Electronic Signature (LFEA) in Mexico establishes that:

The electronic documents and data that are signed with an advanced electronic signature will produce the same effects as that presented by an autograph signature and, in consequence, will have the same legal status when used as evidence in court.

Moreover, the law establishes that:

1. A document signed with the advanced electronic signature guarantees the integrity of the content of the document.

2. An electronic signature generated from the advanced electronic signature is irrefutable. In contrast, autograph signatures can be refuted.

The most-trusted service in electronic signatures

The Mifiel team is advised by Dr. Alfredo Reyes Krafft, the leading expert on electronic signatures in Mexico. He has written several books on the topic including “La firma electrónica y las entidades de certificación”. He is currently the president of Asociación Mexicana de Internet (AMIPCI) and was previously the Director of Digital Businesses at BBVA Bancomer.